WOD 6/10


5 Handstand Push-ups on Parallettes
10 Toes-through-Rings
15 Medicine Ball Clean 20/14lbs

20 Minute AMRAP

I finished 5 rounds + 1 HSPU / Scaled parallettes to 35lb plates

Post WOD

20 goblet squats 16 kg x 3

5 Shoulder Press @ 65
10 Push Press @ 65
15 Push-ups
x 3

50 GHDs

So for a majority of my post WOD workouts, I like to get as much done outside of the box as possible. There are several reasons for the outside venture, but the main reason is for fresh air. I’m in an office setting typically 8 hours a day so by the end of the day I am itching to get outside. An athlete who trains after my class parks his car where I do a majority of my post WOD work. I’ve always noticed his dog is extremely well behaved and just sort of sits in the back of his pick-up till the workout is over. He entertains me, I supply the company. So today – I’m mid squat outside and an older woman from a nearby neighborhood comes up to me with three dogs in tow and she cannot stop laughing. Apparently Spork (98% sure that’s not the dogs name, but hell, it might be close and will work for the purpose of the post) saw the other dogs running around with a ball and decided he wanted in. Jumped out of the truck, strutted over to these dogs like he knew he had time, and played fetch. This lady started to walk home, he followed her. She couldn’t figure out where he even came from. Eventually his owner came out and literally just yelled “truck” and “stay”, he jumped back into the pick-up, and (with sad puppy eyes) watched the other dogs make their way back home. It amazed me how well trained he is at 18 months! Anyway, I made a new friend today. This is Spork! Chillin post Spork WOD.



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